Metal Deck to Corpus Christi, TX

Metal Decking to Corpus Christi, TX

Oates Metal Deck has supplied metal decking to Corpus Christi, Texas for a variety of projects over the years. We are committed to quick lead times through our inventory or manufacturer direct options based on your project needs. Please call Oates Metal Deck at 713-475-0427 (Houston) or 817-345-0401 (Fort Worth) to learn more.

Metal Roof Deck

1.5" Roof Deck Type B
1" Roof Deck
3" Roof Deck Type N

Composite Floor Deck

1.5" Composite Floor Deck
2" Composite Floor Deck
3" Composite Floor Deck

Non-Composite Deck

9/16" Non-Composite Deck
1" Non-Composite Deck
1.5" Non-Composite Deck

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