Roof Deck

The most common roof deck profile is a 1.5” roof deck type “B” (1.5 B, Wide Rib Deck, B Deck). In most cases this roof deck is used in commercial flat roof applications but is also frequently used for dumpster gates. This profile is also specified in canopy or mezzanine projects. Other roof deck profiles include F Deck (1.5F, Intermediate Rib Deck), 1” Roof Deck (1.0E), and 3” Roof Deck (3N Deck).

Non-Composite Form Deck

Form Deck is typically used in normal and lightweight concrete pour applications. The galvanized profiles are used as a form or pan for concrete to set. Unlike composite floor deck, these panels are smoothly corrugated so that the hardened slab has the ability to shift above the panel while maintaining its strength. The non-composite deck profiles we stock include 9/16” form deck (.6C), 1” form deck (1.0C) and 1-1/2” form deck (1.5C). We have ability to produce 2” and 3” form deck panels to order.

Composite Deck

Composite Floor Deck is typically used for concrete pour applications. The panels have nurls/indentions on the inner face of the panel for concrete to adhere to the panel and become an integral part of the slab. These indentions have some reinforcing value as well. The composite deck profiles we stock include 1-1/2” Composite Deck (1.5VL/VLI), 2” Composite (2VLI), and 3” Composite (3VLI). Oates Metal Deck also stocks galvanized cell closure the cover the open cells of the deck to prevent concrete from pouring out of the cell openings that are on either end of the profile.

Oates Metal Deck stocks most of the commonly specified metal deck profiles in Houston, Texas and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Our vast inventory includes different gauges and stock lengths. We pride ourselves on our customer service and product knowledge to make your job easy. For more information on metal deck installation instructions and accessories required please visit the Resources tab or call Oates Metal Deck at 713-475-0427.