About Oates Metal Deck

Oates Metal Deck has an inventory of galvanized metal roof deck, composite floor deck, form deck and accessories. Oates Metal Deck is also a supplier of metal roofing and siding, fiberglass roofing and siding panels and components and accessories to commercial and industrial contractors and end users throughout the United States. We also supply material for commercial dumpster gate enclosures.

With our close ties to manufacturers and trucking companies, we can service any size order, or ship directly from our inventory. We offer “take offs” to determine amount of material needed to complete your project.

We can also supply stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass materials for those projects in higher corrosive environments. We have a location in the Houston, Texas area and also in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area.

Material that we stock includes

Material that we stock includes:

  • 1.5B Metal Roof Deck (Wide Rib Deck, 1-1/2” inch, B Deck)
  • 1.5F Metal Roof Deck (Intermediate Rib, 1-1/2” inch, F Deck)
  • 3N Metal Roof Deck (3” inch, N Deck)
  • .6C, 1.0C, 1.3C and 1.5C Non-Composite Form Deck (9/16”, 1”, 1-1/2” inch Pan Deck / Q Decking) for light weight and normal weight concrete
  • 1.5VL, 2VLI and 3VLI Composite Floor Deck (1-1/2”, 2”, 3” inch Pan Deck / Q Decking) for pouring concrete slabs
  • Cell Closure and Closure Strips
  • Metal Deck Fasteners (Side Lap and Tek 4.5/ Tek 5 Screws)

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